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Danny Dumaresque


Half shell scallops are our signature product ! They are caught in the pristine, cold North Atlantic ocean and brought live to our factory where they are hand-cleaned and hand-washed in pure sea water before they are frozen individually to -20C and maintain a 24 month shelf live.

Scallops Au Gratin

Ideal for home cooking in the oven or bbq and great at the cabin, shed parties and camping the great outdoors ! Ready in minutes !

Cooking instructions included with each package.

Other dishes using our 1/2 shell scallops below :

Scallop Ceviche

These are half shell scallops with meat sliced and cured with lime laid on cucumber and selected fruit slivers !

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Bay Scallops on the grill

These bay scallops are prepared with onion. cilantro and grilled !

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Sea Scallops au China

Our delicious sea scallops with black bean sauce and Chinese veggies!

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Google ' 10 best scallops on the half shell recipes' Imagine and Enjoy !!