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Labrador Gem Seafoods was incorporated in 1997 by Danny Dumaresque as an international seafood marketing company. In 2002 Mr. Dumaresque established his 1st of 3 processing operations and continued to market. In 2013 he sold 2 of these processing plants and is now focused on its multispecies  plant in the Island community of Ramea.


Our plant is certified by Safe Foods Canada and registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (Registration Number 0157) It fully conforms with all quality controls with HACCP and its QMP. It is also registered with the FDA on the Interstate Shellfish List, in the European Union and on the Establishment List in China.


Ramea, NL is a beautiful island community of 500 people situated 10 miles from the big Island of Newfoundland on its Southwest coast, 40 miles from the French Islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. It has over 200 years of seafood processing since it first did salted cod. The waters of NAFO Division 3Ps is one of the most prolific with shellfish, groundfish and pelagics making for a productive seafood processing facility on this Island.  All of the fish are harvested sustainably and the application of value-added production ensures the sustainability of this community.


Our main supply comes from a partnership with the MV Setting Sea II which harvests all of its products using a RSW system for quality control, in FAO Area 21, scallop fishing zones 11 in the Northwest Atlantic ocean.

All our products are wild or diver caught and fully traceable from the time they are harvested.


The Island is well served by having water and sewer, paved roads and an excellent tv, internet and cell service through the Ramea Broadcasting Corporation.  A government ferry runs between there and Burgeo, NL up to 3 times per day providing safe and reliable service for vehicles and passengers at a reasonable cost. It is a beautiful place with wonderful people and Labrador Gem Seafoods is determined to keep this special production of multispecies seafood products working to preserve this place and its people for decades to come !

Our scallops and other products, are harvested sustainably with a refrigerated, recirculating sea water system in the plant to produce shashimi grade products!

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