Excited to reveal our new products with vacuum skin packaging technology creating small portions, full flavor and extended shelf life. Coming via home delivery in the coming weeks - bon appetit !

It's Official !

I am very pleased that our wild Canadian scallops have received the Ocean Wise Designation !  We will continue to provide the highest quality with full traceability and protecting our environment ! 

This is the how Chef Andrew Dale at the Jag Hotel is serving our roe-on scallops !

Left Picture: My wife and I were served our scallops at Merlo's Inferno, St John's - broiled with bread crumbs, parmesan cheese and butter!!

Next: Chef Hussey of Chinched Bistro- Roe on with salted rasins, et al.

Top: Another beauty from Chef Hussey - Bay scallops with sturgeon loin on lemon sauce.

Right Picture: The grilled bay scallop with veggies